Mid August Update

 Thank you very much for stopping by.
I'm Jan.  I make all-original dolls, and I'm happy to be here! 


Ruth is Eleanor's little sister.  As the youngest, she was the baby and a little spoiled, 
but she's a good girl and a hard worker.  

Made from my Old Rag Doll pattern, she stands 19.5" tall, 
and wears a fine-print green calico dress with green and tan homespun for the false hem.  
Her chemise, petticoat and drawers are muslin, and her boots are wool.  
So is her hair--made of an old wool blanket. 

Like her sister, Ruth is a little worn and well-loved, but that's part of her charm. 
$125 ~includes priority shipping in the US.

Plain Ol' Rag Dolls: Lilly, Heddy, and Andrew




 Lilly, Heddy, and Andrew are made from the "Plain Ol' Rag Doll" pattern that
 I created and sell in my shop.  Each is around 19" tall.  

Lilly has embroidered features, soft wooly hair 
(in a bun w/ crocheted snood), and a removable blue calico dress.  

Heddy has soft mohair locks and button eyes.  Her natural linen dress with feather stitch embroidery is removable for washing, or changing if you wanted to make her another with the pattern.  

Poor Andrew has seen better days.  He's an amiable fellow, but so grungy 
that Lilly insists on sitting opposite him in the photo.  (I think Heddy's a little sweet on him.)

Each: $73 ~includes priority shipping in the US~

Lilly is SOLD.
 Heddy is SOLD.

 Pearl Ann

Pearl Ann is a farm girl, and practical down to her cotton socks.  
Dressed in homespun with a bit of lace, she has cotton-thread hair, a painted face and is 16" tall.  
No pattern for Pearl Ann--sometimes I just start cutting out a doll and see who shows up.  
Her body is short and her legs are long, and she's just right in any primitive setting.  
(Pearl Ann's buddies the ducks are offered separately below.)
$65 ~includes priority shipping in the US~

Pinkeep Ducks!

I love pinkeeps, and designed this easy pattern for myself, but also to sell in my shop.  The cream and blue ducks are still available if you don't want to make your own.  

The cream duck has pocket-wings, to hold tiny scissors or an un-picker, 
while the blue duck has his wings sewn all the way around.  

Both are made of heavy cotton with cheesecloth ties around their necks 
and button eyes.  They're just about 8" long from bill to tail. 

$17 ~includes priority shipping in the US~

Thank you so much for visiting!