Mid July Update

 My first update on Early Work Mercantile! 
I'm Jan.  I make all-original dolls, and I'm happy to be here! 



 Eleanor is an earnest and patient old soul.  Made from my Old Rag Doll pattern, she stands 19.5" tall, and wears an autumn gold dress, just in time for fall.  Her drawers and apron are muslin, and her boots are wool.  So is her hair--made of an old wool blanket. She's a little worn,
and her dress has a few mends, but that's part of her charm. 
$110 ~includes priority shipping in the US.  (SOLD)

~Margaret Josephine Woodhall~

This is Margaret Josephine Woodhall.  But she goes by Maggie.  She's something of a rascal, but harmless unless she's riled.  Standing 25" tall, with lanky pose-able limbs, Maggie wears a dress of brown calico, antique bloomers, and brown painted boots.  Her face is embroidered with an applied nose and a hint of her mischievous nature.  Her hair is needle felted 100% wool yarn.
 Maggie will be happy just about anywhere, because she's a free spirit.
$85 ~includes priority shipping in the US

~Rachel Walker~

Rachel is made the way I make all my Izannah Walker style dolls, with the exception of the sweet braid circling her head like a wreath.  Wearing blue calico, a tiny pearl choker, and all the unders typical of Walker dolls (chemise, pantaloons, and petticoat), Rachel is 18" tall.  
 $240 ~includes priority shipping in the US.

~Old World Santa~

This old world Santa is my favorite kind of character doll--the kind with no pattern or planning.  I start creating and see who shows up.  Santa! He's dressed in wool--cap, coat, and pants.  His beard is mohair, and his long winter cap has a bit of whimsy with rusty bells and a starred button.
With a stand, he's 23" tall, or he can sit among your favorite Christmas decor.
$175 ~includes priority shipping in the US.

Thank you so much for stopping by.